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Degrees Of Sadness

Expressing emotions from anguish and grief through solemnity and loneliness, to sad pensiveness.

Autumn Rain

Sad but thoughtful solo cello and flute with fast flowing piano and harp arpeggios enjoined by lush orchestral strings.


Highly poignant, tragically beautiful cellos intertwine over low strings drone.

Farewell Love

Passionate sweeping orchestral string swells and waves of emotional piano. A soundtrack to epic film romance.


Slow and gently reflective with tender, warm piano joined by soft orchestral strings and woodwind.

Last Goodbye

A slow, touching orchestral memorial with piano and orchestra. Dignified, beautiful and sad.

Moments Of Longing

Slow, spacious piano and orchestra with lonely, yearning feel, tinged with wonder.

Mounting Sadness

Sad piano builds with solo violin and strings in waves of mounting emotion before dropping away to piano.

Mourning A Hero

Distant bugle heralds mournful violin over tragic orchestral atmosphere.

Loss And Longing

Moody and pensive intro gradually grows to flowing orchestral romance before slowly unwinding again.

For Those Who Fell

Poignant brass chorale with touches of military snare. Beautiful, touching and dignified.

Broken Hearted

Slow, soft piano figures builds with passionate outbursts of sad cello and violin.


Soft, melancholic piano erupts with stark, soaring string quartet, dripping with desperate emotion.


Stark, bleak, atmosphere with minimal piano and simple, melancholic cello and violin layers.

Crying Alone

Slow, wistful piano with delicate, touching violin and cello. Gentle, sad and lonely.

Tears In Vienna

Gushingly emotional neo-classical waltz with piano and orchestra. Highly romantic and sentimental.

Beautiful Sadness

Solo cello glides gracefully over warm piano and strings - slow, thoughtfully sad and beautiful.