Production Music Online

Dark Report

Darkly dramatic hybrid news and documentary.

Coalition Of Fear

Moody, pulsating synth bed builds into drums-driven theme for sinister action. 

Cold Case

Minimal piano figures over atmospheric pads underscore - desolate, troubled, melancholy.

Dark Forces

Fast-paced drums and electronica with long, sinister synth/brass lines. Urgent and threatening.

Dark Report

Pensive, ambient intro with twisted vocal fragments into rolling lament with Eastern tinged electronic percussion and insistent electro bleeping motif.

Disturbing Developments

Sinister ambient intro into menacing vocal/electronic/orchestral chords over restless drum beats.

No News Is Bad News

Pensive and thoughtful, gradually building hybrid orchestral soundtrack with piano lead and light trip-hop beats.

Seeking Justice

Mournful vocal intro into hybrid orchestral/electronic, grandly emotive theme over pounding, urgent drums.

Serious Threat

Sinister electronic atmospherics into doom-laden drums and drones with a menacing, military feel.


Moody, ambient intro into light, mysterious trip-hop. Electronic mystery and intrigue with an anxious edge.

Worrying Developments

Restless, minimal electronic soundtrack with a menacingly suspenseful flavour.