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PMOL Playlist - "Christmas"

A selection of PMOL's Christmas tracks

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A Solis

3 part Latin male vocal in style of late Medieval Organum- 14C monastery music.

Alle Psallite

Celebratory, 13th century religious motet with harp and male choir.


Angelic church choir enjoined by orchestra. Warm and carol-like with feeling of good cheer.

Ave Verum Corpus

Beautiful and unusual arrangement of Mozart's Eucharistic hymn with boys choir and organ. Holy and angelic. Very Christmasy.

Baby Christmas

Enchanted Christmas flavoured atmospherics.

Believe In Magic

Magical fantasy with orchestra and choir builds to wondrous reveal.

Came A Star

Mysterious and awe-filled orchestral atmosphere climaxes with Middle-Eastern Duduk flourishes.

Caring And Sharing

Laid-back with tinkling vibes, music box and trumpets. Dreamy, cosy and innocent.

Cheesy Christmas

Bright, brassy, retro-Xmas pop with cheesy organ. Brimming with quirky fun.

Christmas Bedtime Story

Orchestral narrative reprising the fun and excitement of Christmas day before winding down to bedtime and sleep.

Christmas Holiday

Sunny retro-60s/70s Easy Listening with vibraphone, organ, sweeping strings and light, breezy Bossa nova backbeat.

Christmas Medley 1

Laid-back Orchestral Christmas medley includes Silent Night, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly. Warm gentle and traditional.

Christmas Medley 2

Orchestral Christmas medley including Silent Night, Jingle Bells and We wish you a merry Christmas. Hearfelt and traditional.

Christmas Nights

Feelgood Indie-Rock 'First Noel'. Sophisticated and upbeat.

Christmas Party

Romping indie rock version of Silent Night. Happy, bright and partying.

Christmas Wishes

Simple magical Christmas atmosphere with children and sleigh bells.

Christmas Wonderland

Uplifting winter panorama builds with orchestra and sleigh bells. Flowing and hopeful.

Come All Ye Rockers

Explosive Indie-Rock version of 'O Come All Ye Faithful'

Cute Christmas

Easy-going, cheerful, tinkling tune with trumpets and bells. Quirky Xmas fun!

Dawning Magic

Magical, unfolding orchestral wonder with enigmatic female vocal touches.

Ding Dong Christmas

'Ding Dong' bells into bouncy, jolly retro-Christmas tune with sleigh bells, bassoon, celeste and strings. Key change at 54s.

Eastern Star

Mystical ambience builds with exotic middle-eastern voices, Duduk orchestra and choir. Cinematic enigma and holy beauty.

Easy Listening Xmas

Authentic retro-sixties Easy Listening, with kitsch organ, lush strings and happy cha-cha beat.

Enchanted Waltz

Clockwork music box builds with strings and female choir to magical fantasy waltz.

Enjoy Christmas

Light, catchy bells over upbeat rhythm. Twinkling, happy, neutral Xmas fun.

Fairy Lights

Cheerful Christmas atmosphere with tinkling bells and plucked strings.

Feelgood Christmas

Enchanted Christmas trip-hop with bells, strings and sparkles over laid-back trip hop drum break.

Here Comes Santa

Bouncy, Jolly Christmas fun, with sleigh bells and catchy tune.

Home for Christmas

Ambling, cheerful, orchestral Christmas atmosphere with fluid piano and brass melody. Bright and welcoming.

Jingle Bells Magic

Upbeat, 'Disneyesque' arrangements of 'Jingle Bells'.  Versions available either with vocals or as instrumentals. Traditional joyful Christmas atmospherics.

Jingle Bells Rock

Sparkling Indie-Rocking instrumental version of Jingle Bells.

Magic Flight

Magical, cinematic orchestra and choir builds with drama and waltzing wonder.

Night Before Christmas

Traditional Christmas Eve magic afoot- glockenspiel, orchestra, choral highlights.

Night Light

Magical, gentle atmosphere with tinkling glockenspiel. Cosy, content, simple and snug!

Preparing for Christmas

Light background to Christmas activities with lightly plucked strings, piano, woodwind, brass and bells.

Ready For Christmas

Bright 'n bouncy light orchestra with brass, bells and whistles. Happy kitsch Xmas fun!

Rock The Manger

Indie- Rock version of 'Away in a Manger' with bells, driving drums and guitars.

Rock Up To Christmas

Indie-rocking version of 12 Days of Christmas. Partying Xmas fun!

Rock Ye Gentlemen

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' in strutting heavy metal style.

Rockin Christmas

We Wish You a Merry Christmas' in racing rock n roll style.

Santa Rides Again

Manically jaunty Christmas romp with flute lead over 'oompah' backing with sleigh bells.

Santa's Footsteps

Light, tiptoeing, twinkling Xmas atmosphere with celeste, bells and plucked string bass.

Santa's Grotto

Catchy, jolly, light orchestral Christmas tune with piccolos, shimmering strings, tuba and bells.

Santa's Shopping Trip

A bouncy, jolly Retro Christmas tune with sleigh bells, bassoon, celeste and strings. Key change at 59s.

Silent Fright

Tongue-In-Cheek Dubstep version of 'Silent Night' with grinding synths and punchy drums and bass. Youthful and fun.


Sparkling, wondrous, wintry beauty with glockenspiel, piano, bells, and boy treble. (Xmas version with sleigh bells available)

To Bethlehem

2 part folk flute melody over simple bells, bodhran and harp backing.

Welcome To Christmas

Jovial tuba melody over light orchestra with 'ding-dong' bells. Cute, warm and welcoming with a humorous touch.

Winter Wonderland

Winter magic with sparkling chimes, lightly plucked strings, orchestra and choir.

Wish it was Christmas

Magical, waltzing Christmas wonder with catchy melody & bells.