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PMOL Playlist - "China"

A selection of PMOL tracks with a Chinese flavour

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Across China

Gently building Asian soundscape with sparse drums, harp, strings and soaring Chinese violin (Erhu). Tranquil and soulful.

Asian Summer Rain

Warm, tinkling Asian atmosphere with a sad, romantic feel.

Chilling In China

Traditional Chinese zither (Guzheng) over chilled beats. Dreamy and romantic.

China Today

Driving, momentous anthem with Chinese instruments and orchestra. Positive and exciting. (laid-back version with emotive voices included)

Dragon Drums

Chinese street band with raucous wind instruments, large drum and clashing cymbals. (See Versions for Percussion Only)

Dreamlike China

Flowing Chinese flute (dizi) with sparse dulcimer, cymbals and gongs. Graceful, slow movement.

East Of Rangoon

Exotic Asian/Indochinese flute and ethnic instruments. Meandering, slow and evocative.

Edge Of The World

Solemn, slowly building 'altered piano' performance.  Dark, exotic meditation. (stereo & surround mixes)


Mysterious oriental atmosphere with zither and flute builds with exotic gongs and drums.

Experience China

Modern beats overlaid with traditional Chinese instruments. Upbeat and positive.

Fly East

Bright, rolling techy atmosphere with Asian percussion. Neutral and sparkling.

Gateway To China

Gentle flute intro builds with traditional Chinese instruments and plucked strings to soaring, flowing anthem.

Heavenly Breeze

Airy, tumbling harp-like arpeggios performed on 'altered piano' with light Asian feel. (stereo & surround mixes)

Hey China!

Happy China Worldbeat mixing traditional Chinese instrumenents with EDM beats.

House Of Wushu

Relentless martial drums with evocative Chinese/Asian instruments and emotive voices.

Journey East

Neutral, upbeat Chillout with Asian flute.

Korean Colours

Solo Asian lute (pipa) intro to cheerful Worldbeat mixing traditional Asian instruments, modern beats and Korean percussion.

Network Asia

Twisted Asian instrument and percussion samples over driving mid-paced Chill-Tech groove.

Return To China

Pensive acoustic guitar, Chinese percussion and Pipa (lute) develop to soaring, romantic anthem with strings.

Rising Moon

Tranquil and enchanting atmosphere featuring solo Chinese zither (guzheng). Strangely hypnotic.

Shanghai Surprise

Quirky, synthesizer-led evocation of modern Oriental life. 

Silk Road

Bleak but beautiful atmosphere with emotive Asian violin (Ehru) and female vocal touches over mellow log drum patterns and occasional gusty wind sfx.

Songs of Joy

Joyful Chinese orchestra with traditional flute (dizi) in 3 separate movements. Slow, graceful & finally, a spritely dance. Fresh from our new friends in China.

Spring Dance

Lively, joyful, traditional Chinese Harp (Guzheng), flute (Dizi), lute (Pipa) and percussion.

The Lotus Garden

Meditative, gently upbeat Chinese orchestra featuring Guzheng ('Chinese harp') and Erhu ('Chinese Violin') with rolling percussion. Simple, charming and slightly Westernised.

Three Kingdoms

Haunting Korean bamboo flute (Daegeum), zither and slow Asian percussion.

Travel China

Light Chinese atmosphere with ethnic percussion & instruments. Neutral and unobtrusive. Excellent soundbed for travelogues, documentaries & voice-overs.

Winning in Beijing

Proud, anthemic mix of full orchestra and Chinese instruments. Builds throughout to grand climax. Triumphant and powerful. (See Versions for Drums Only)