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WAV or MP3?

ID3 tags (iTunes)

Our MP3's are tagged with ID3 info.
iTunes does not yet display information from imported WAVs. Other applications (QuickTime/Final Cut Pro) will display the track information embedded in our WAVs.

Surround Sound:

Many tracks can be downloaded in Quad or  5.1 format.
Search for these tracks from the Version Type drop-down menu:

You can download a zip file of 16 bit, 48k mono WAVs (L, R, RL, RR and sometimes LFE)
Those which we haven't got around to remixing yet can be done on request:


Surround Mixes:
  1. Our surround mixes usually place the main track to the forefront (L, R) and spatial fx to the rear.
  2. We have some ambient tracks enhanced by using the LFE channel.
  3. We don't use the center channel at all.
  4. We occasionally do some wild stuff for fun!