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help > Playlists

There are 2 types of playlists in the menu above

1) PMOL playlists
These are themed playlists created by us.

2) my playlists
Members can create private playlists of tracks relating to projects. Share them with colleagues via the email link. Private playlists do not appear anywhere on the site and are only visible when logged in.

How to create a playlist:

When logged in, from the top menu click 'playlists' > 'my playlists' to enter a private area where you can create and edit your playlists. Add tracks via the playlist icon under the Player when browsing :

Your 'my playlists 'private page looks like this:

To preview tracks click on the picture (which is the image of the first track you add) or click 'Contents'.

2 ways to download from a playlist
  1. Browse and download tracks one by one
  2. 'Download Playlist' - download all the tracks at once (either as WAVs or MP3s)
Click 'Download Playlist' to receive the files as a single zip archive which will expand on your desktop as a folder containing the tracks.

The download will automatically include all available versions (cuts/underscores etc) of each title.

You will receive a confirmation email listing track details.


Clicking the Email icon enables you to email someone an invitation to preview the selected playlist. There will be a private link to your playlist in the invitation. You can include a message.