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help > Downloading

Versions & Download Page

Get to this page from a Search Result page by clicking track title or image.

Here you can:
  1. Audition & download different track versions (main version, underscore, 60 sec, 30 sec, sting, surround etc.)
  2. View track details - Album, Track#, Writer(s)
  3. Add the track to a playlist.
  4. Download
NB. 'Download' and 'Playlist' links are only visible when logged in.

Click on the version you want to audition or download, and a player and download links will appear:

To add the track to a custom playlist to download later, clicking on the playlist icon

The Audio Format options are MP3 or WAV.

Confirmation email
After downloading a track(s) you will automatically receive an email confirming the delivery. The email will show Album, Track #, Writer(s) and Publisher (this is the required info for cue sheets).