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David Lowe

David Lowe

United Kingdom
PMOL Co-writers

David Lowe is a highly successful composer whose music for television and radio includes all the following:

Current Themes
  • BBC News
  • The One Show
  • Panorama
  • Ray Mears
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Wildlife on One
  • The Really Wild Show
  • Grand Designs (Channel 4)
  • 5th Gear
  • Al Arabiya Channel
  • Abu Dhabi TV
  • NDTV India
  • TV2 Norway
  • BBC World Service Radio
  • 50th Ivor Novello Awards ceremony 2005
  • BAFTA Film and Television Awards 2006
  • Music soundscape for The Tropical Biome at the Eden Project (performed WOMAD 2005.)
  • BBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics (music for)
  • 'BBC World The Music' (compilation of David's work for BBC World, in response to demand from viewers)
  • 'Wild Caribbean' (his music from the BBC2 series and remixes of his Touch and Go tracks 'So Hot' and 'Life's A Beach')
Soundtrack Albums
  • 'TV Chill' - a mix from a variety of different programmes
  •  'Grand Designs' - music from Channel 4 series.
Other Albums
  • 'Dreamcatcher' (1997)
  • ' In Between?' (2006)
  • 'Would You...?' (Touch and Go) - top 3 hit in UK (1998) and in Europe(1999).
  • 'I've Noticed You Around'  - hit singles in Eastern Europe and Russia.
  • ' Number One' - chosen by Apple to launch the iTunes site in USA.
  • member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)
  • member of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters
  • Honorary doctorate - Staffordshire University (2005)


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  • Airstream
    Gently floating piano figures over downbeat trip hop backing.
  • Anger Management
    Dark indie/chemical rock.
  • Baby Christmas
    Enchanted Christmas flavoured atmospherics.
  • Back To Jamie's
    Affirmative Indie Rock- big entry at 29 secs.
  • Beat the Clock
    Jazz Piano/Vibes quintet plays upbeat blues at racing speed.
  • Biding My Time
    Gently rolling finger-picked acoustic guitars, bass and light percussion. Easygoing and contented.
  • Bilberry Waffles
    Amiable, Banjo-led, mid-tempo, American folk-dance.
  • Breezing
    Light and breezy folk with string and woodwind embellishments - easygoing and rural.
  • Built On Trust
    Thoughtful piano intro joined by harp and orchestra growing to positive, gently emphatic conclusion.
  • Buy To Let
    Lighthearted funky noodling with a daytime/lifestyle slant, featuring vibes and sax.
  • Came A Star
    Mysterious and awe-filled orchestral atmosphere climaxes with Middle-Eastern Duduk flourishes.
  • Challenge East
    Psychedelic Indie Rock anthem leading to climactic Asian/Middle-Eastern violins.
  • Clear It Out
    Energetic, lightly comedic swinging sixties-pop pastiche backing with organ, brass and electric guitar featured.
  • Club Havana
    Classic Cuban dance-band salsa.
  • Colossus
    Huge and majestic symphonic theme to natural grandeur - modern and epic.
  • Comedy March
    Mock military-band march of the toys.
  • Coming To A Head
    Stormy Indie rock theme with insistent strings riff over big rolling drum breaks, bass and guitar.
  • Country Fair
    Guitar/lute led upbeat English country folk-dance; Morris-dancing and cider.
  • Country Garden
    Amiable acoustic soundtrack to the gentler outdoor pursuits.
  • Country Matters
    Urgent mandolin-led light soundtrack with acoustic guitar lead.
  • Countrywide
    Steady mid-tempo guitar-rock/orchestral blend with a purposeful edge.
  • Dawn Utah
    Ambient atmospheric synth drone with bluesy rock guitar lead over.
  • Decisions
    Pensive rolling acoustic guitar and double bass underpin thoughtful piano and flamenco guitar figures.
  • Desolate
    Mournful piano solo is joined by melodica for emotive climax.
  • Diamond Sky
    Pensive glockenspiel figures with solemn sounding mezzo-soprano lead; grows with introduction of orchestral and male-choral elements.
  • Django To Go
    Exuberant 30s 'Hot Club de Paris' -style jazz; violin soloing over foot-tapping acoustic guitar led jazz trio.
  • Down My Street
    Light and funky reggae flavoured breakbeat. Steady and purposeful.
  • Dream Designs
    Funky and sophisticated lounge/chillout with acoustic piano lead figures.
  • End Of Play
    Easygoing acoustic Indie soundtrack with accordion and psychedelic touches.
  • Espresso Nights
    Fast, swinging jazz groove with virtuoso sax and mute trumpet solos punctuated with ensemble signature sections.
  • Find A Bargain
    Emphatic up-tempo daytime pop-jazz theme with flute and trumpet lead and squelchy synth accents.
  • Foam Party
    Uplifting OldSkool (circa '91) Italian style rave anthem featuring big female vocal 'Everybody Up!'.
  • Force of Nature
    Orchestral anthem to the power and majesty of nature.
  • Forensics
    Dark and menacing trip hop with moody electric guitar lead figures.
  • Forging Ahead
    Uplifting and energetic indie rock anthem.
  • From The East
    Intensely dramatic Duduk figures over minimal orchestral drone.
  • Funkin' Horn
    Super-funky 'J.Bs' style rare-groove with soulful sax solo and brass section punctuations.
  • Gadding About
    Fast, Hot Club of Paris style acoustic Guitar jazz- double bass accompaniment- good natured and fun
  • Getting It Done
    Happy, uptempo Big Beat romp with vocal fragments, sax and scratching fx. Fast and fun.
  • Getting Started
    Cantering 3/4 acoustic guitar with piano overlays - breezy, upbeat and fresh with a rural flavour.
  • Golden Harvest
    Gently upbeat, folky acoustic guitar duet.
  • Great Expectations
    Portentous cello theme over rocky breakbeat backing.
  • Heat
    Atmospheric indie/chillout with pensive electric guitar lead.
  • Hills To Oceans
    Electric guitar led Indie/Trip-hop crossover- gently upbeat and very English.
  • In The Country
    Mellow acoustic guitar develops with leisurely drums, bass and piano. Peaceful rural activities.
  • Larking About
    Upbeat jazz guitar trio with bottleneck guitar tune - bright, retro and fun.
  • Lizard Lounge
    Smooth 50's dinner-club jazz guitar solo over louche, mid tempo small jazz combo backing.
  • Loving Life
    Enthusiastic indie rock anthemic thrash.
  • Mega Match
    Big, brash and buzzy electro TV theme - flashy and fun.
  • Middle Of My Day
    Good-naturedly uplifting world-at-work Brit-pop lifestyle theme.
  • Morning Shift
    Bright and bouncy funk groove with trumpet and guitar licks - light and fun activity.
  • Morning Sunlight
    Piano and orchestra plus subtle electronics in this modern homage to Greig's immortal Peer Gynt, Suite No. 1
  • Moving Forward
    Thoughtful suspenseful intro grows into powerful, momentous orchestral climax.
  • My Day
    Breezy, positive soundtrack for day to day activities. Medium pace and neutral.
  • My Lady's Chamber
    Flouncy, histrionic, Neo-Baroque chamber orchestra joined by R & B break at 18sec (+ fat bass at 55sec).
  • Nationwide
    Moderate Indie signature tune to peace, togetherness and normality.
  • Night Before Christmas
    Traditional Christmas Eve magic afoot- glockenspiel, orchestra, choral highlights.
  • Night Vigil
    Pensive, worried, small-orchestral atmosphere.
  • Nordic Chill
    Slow moving, pensive, peaceful. Chilled-out backdrop.
  • November Sun
    Autumnal folk-rock with acoustic piano lead lines.
  • On The Job
    Jazzy acoustic guitar to get busy to.
  • Ooh Matron
    Parodic, 50's- flavoured, organ led Rumba- quite silly.
  • Outside Broadcast
    Upbeat, neutral rock/synth soundtrack.
  • Pain Relief
    'Sturm und Drang' orchestra-backed operatic female lets fly, in German, before positive turnaround ending.
  • Paradox
    Haunting, delicate piano and guitar figures.
  • Positive Information
    Atmospheric ambient electronic chillout. Warm, upbeat and airy.
  • Prepare To Launch
    Suspenseful, apprehensive piano and guitar intro builds towards big, serious, affirmative indie anthem (enters @ 1:00).
  • Quart Of Rye
    Blues-Harp led Road-House blues band soundtrack to a bottle of rye whiskey.
  • Raise The Barn
    Manically positive banjo-led Blue Grass soundtrack for a Barn-Raising party.
  • Rent Party
    Tenor Sax-led cool upbeat jazz-blues with party-atmosphere fx.
  • Resolve
    Serious but positive orchestral pop with flowing toplines and technical synth touches in the rhythm.
  • Ride The Sea
    Majestic indie rock/orchestral anthem with epic overtones.
  • Robo Hop
    Funky, light swingbeat rhythm track with elaborate brass section riffing - upbeat activity.
  • Rough Guide to Gujarat
    Mid-west bluesy slide guitar jams over mid-tempo tabla accompaniment.
  • Rural Fun
    Upbeat Country/Folk with acoustic guitar intro joined by bass and light percussion. Bright and jolly.
  • Scene of The Crime
    Dark, serious trip-hop with tense guitar and heavy breathing fx
  • Seize The Day
    Pensive piano is joined by rolling breakbeats and strings; gradually builds to triumphal, uplifting climax.
  • Sell It
    Bright and funky sax lead over upbeat retro pop-jazz backing.
  • Shaken Not Stirred
    60's flavoured spy drama- filmic pop/jazz combo with urgent drums, tremolo guitar and jazzy trumpet highlights.
  • Strong Hands
    Massively uplifting pop orchestral hybrid with gently hopeful intro building to epic euphoric lift at 1:08 (again@2:24).
  • Talking Heads
    Contemporary, serious (with a light touch) soundtrack combining strings and funky retro jazz styles - late night, grownup.
  • Teamwork
    Bouncing, motivational pop rock soundtrack.
  • Tell It Straight
    Cool trumpet-led jazz combo with a mellow, late-night flavour, featuring studio audience effects.
  • The Awards
    Rock/Orchestral glamour, drama and excitement- theme/walk-on.
  • The Hunt Begins
    Urgent pop-chamber orchestral backing with passionate gypsy violin improvisations over.
  • The Question
    Breezy piano and guitar lead strings in a lightly urgent, skipping 3/4 theme.
  • The World To Me
    Thoughtfully positive, Indie/Triphoppy hymn to love and togetherness.
  • Tough Cops '76
    60's/70's cop show pastiche with a modern edge, driving vibraphone lead riff, wah-wah guitar and big brass section.
  • Wheels In Motion
    Big riffing blues rock soundtrack.
  • Whistle Punk
    Punk guitar over modern beat. With whistling on top.
  • Work In Progress
    Urgent, serious piano indie soundtrack.