Production Music Online

Mystery, Wonder & Suspense

Enigmatic orchestral moods - for drama, documentaries, films and TV

On The Move

Orchestra builds with sense of purpose, light mystery and wonder.

Shifting Winds

Breezy orchestral meditation with light, flowing airy feel.

Dawning Magic

Magical, unfolding orchestral wonder with enigmatic female vocal touches.

Mystery Of Survival

Poignant opening to growing orchestral mystery and wonder.

Serious Pursuit

Tense orchestra builds with restless urgency and sense of purpose.

Mysterious Allure

Gently wondrous orchestral string figures with female vocal touches and light bells.

Enigmatic Journey

Restless Minimalist orchestral figures with a mysterious, wondrous edge.

Cold Enigma

Restless orchestral strings and icy synth create atmosphere of subdued mystery and expectation.

Anxious Transition

Soft, suspenseful atmosphere with sparkling celeste over slowly drifting orchestral strings and poignant solo cello.

Uneasy Mystery

Slowly drifting orchestral mystery and wonder tinged with uneasiness.