Production Music Online

Euphoric Adventure

Ultra-contemporary Future Bass for action and adventure

Impossible Sun

Surreally euphoric Future Bass anthem exploding with larger than life feeling.

Into The Blue

Purposeful, rolling Future Bass serenade to anyone having a perfect life amongst the fjords/mountains/coral reefs of their dream planet. Sunny Emo with muscle-power.

UHD Euphoria

Nu-housey intro grows into towering EDM anthem with abstract female vocs and majestic strings then does it all again, only more so! Twice!! Young, free, sunny and exciting.

Blissed Out In Eden

Enigmatic intro with rainforest FX gives way to dazzling display of Future Bass gymnastics. Mystery plays switcheroo with excitement.

Crazy For Life

Massively inspirational Future Bass with airy highs and punchy, dirty lows.


Enigmatic hang-drum intro, goes a bit glitchy, then finally explodes into weirdly catchy Future Bass mayhem. Then it does it all again.

Feel The Burn

Shimmering pads, thunderous tribal drums; all swept away (@ 52sec) by a huge slab of sinister, sexy, rolling electronic bass...

Paradise On My Mind

Thoughtful, lightly emotive Future Bass with an exotic touch.

Inner Strength

Emotive EDM grows from pensive beginnings to solemn anthemic theme.

Big Feelings

Pensive Indie guitar intro goes into weirdly feelgood-but-solemn (?), piano-led electronica with glitchy drums. Super-cool, graceful slo-mo action.