Production Music Online

Epic Battle

Powerful orchestral trailers with earth-shattering hits, storming drums, Gothic choirs and triumphant finales.

The Big Fight

Rousing, muscular Rock preludes full-on Gothic orchestral trailer-style build to frenzied choral climax.

March To Battle

Explosive hits herald the battle-horde's relentless advance replete with war drums, frantic orchestra and Gothic choir.

The Grand Prize

Proud, uplifting anthem to epic endeavour with driving drums and orchestra building to huge choral climax.

We Who Are About To Die

Grim determination builds with ominous drums, choral chants and chugging orchestra to powerful Gothic trailer climax.


Massive trailer hits presage awesome orchestral power with thunderous drums and horns building to colossal finale with choir.

Ad Victoriam

Massive trailer-style orchestra, big drums and Gothic choir advance inexorably to epic victory.

Enter The Champion

Giant power-hits give way to urgent, driving drums and orchestra building to epic trailer climax with choir.

Behold The Conqueror

Huge, hulking trailer-hits forebode massive orchestral build with driving drums intensifying to giant finale with Gothic choral proclamations.

Race To War

Grinding power-hits, fast pounding drums, frantic strings and brass build to breathless choral finale.

Advance To Glory

Dark, portentous intro gives way to massive building theme with fast spiralling strings, epic horns and drums of war.